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Have you ever wanted to have success in your life? Yet it seems to elude you. Maybe you have committed to moving towards more success but yet you struggle and just cannot seem to attain it.

First of all, you are not alone and there is an answer.

When we are young most people have dreams of what their life will look like, what is possible and we get excited. However, as we get older those dreams seem to fade or disappear all together, not because we don’t want them anymore but because society teaches us to be realistic, don’t be ridiculous or understand the limitations of our place in the world.

Robert Raymond Riopel learned early on in his life to work hard and stay loyal to a company. By the time he turned 21 he had worked for three different companies and had been laid off or downsized from all three. Although at the time this seemed discouraging it taught Robert that if he wanted any kind of success in his life, he would have to take control of his journey. Starting as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza he soon became a store manager and then a franchisee. Following the systems of Domino’s Pizza, Robert and his wife Roxanne soon started to do well but unfortunately began spending more money than they were earning and by the time they had been franchisee’s for 8 years, they were over $150,000 in debt and going down quickly. That is when they were introduced to personal development. Tapping into the mindset of successful people they were able to quickly turn their financial lives around in only 9 months.

Robert realized that knowledge was power and his passion was to teach others the lessons he learned because as he says, “if I can help even one person accomplish what my wife and I have, going from financial struggle to financial freedom, it would all be worth while”. The moment Robert stepped on stage for the first time in 2002 he knew he had found his purpose in life.

Today he has travelled the world and personally taught over 250,000 people the success clues that changed his life.

In his extensive travels around the world Robert noticed that success has left clues everywhere. These are insights that people, like himself, have come to learn through experience and trial and error that they now pass on to those who follow, allowing others to bypass obstacles and obtain results sooner. This is critical because Robert noticed that the main reason people struggle is because they try to figure it out on their own instead of utilizing what has already been proven.

This is why Robert decided to write “Success Left A Clue”.

In this amazing book you will take a journey with Robert as he shows you how to dream big again and then gives you a proven step-by-step system for taking your dreams and turning them into reality in todays world.

Known for his high energy and heartfelt style on stage, Robert heightens the learning of his students through stories of life and the lessons drawn from them. He also delivers principles to success that he has attained through his extensive travels and the successful people he has met along the way.

Through the “CLUES” that Robert has placed throughout the book, he reveals these nuggets of gold for you the reader.
If you are ready to take hold of your life and obtain the successes you truly deserve, then you have found the answer with Success Left A Clue by Robert Raymond Riopel.