Robert Raymond Riopel

Author, Trainer and founder of AmentorA Inc.

Ask yourself.

Have you ever had dreams (especially as a child) that did not come to fruition and then felt frustrated? We all have including Robert Raymond Riopel, the author of the best-selling book “Success Left A Clue”.

As a child Robert remembers having big dreams. One day he was a lawyer, the next a doctor or truck driver or even an astronaut. Anything and everything was possible. However, as he started to get older, life taught him that dreams don’t always come true, especially if you do not have the right education or come from the “Right” side of the tracks and are born into a wealthy family. These conditionings and beliefs started to take Robert’s life in a direction of playing smaller than he was. Luckily he had people in his life that were not willing to let him go in that direction and because of these people believing in him, Robert has made it his mission to assist others in living the life of their dreams as well.

CLUE: Choose not to be your greatest obstacle!

It all began when after some success, Robert and his wife found themselves deep in debt and struggling. Thanks to guidance from total strangers, they started their journey in personal development and quickly turned things around. This led to Robert finding his true passion of learning and teaching others. It is because of his past and newfound passion for teaching that Riopel started studying and mentoring from the top success trainers and thinkers in the world to find out what they have in common and this is where he discovered that “Success Left A Clue”.

CLUE: If you want to reinvent the wheel, DO IT LATER!

With this information, he has gone on to become a highly sought after, life-transforming trainer that now travels the world teaching and inspiring hundreds and thousands of people each year about success through his CLUE’s.

It is now time for Robert Raymond Riopel to share this knowledge, that he has learned over 15+ years training, with the world through his book “Success Left A Clue”.

To say that Robert has been a juggernaut in my enlightened life’s journey would be selling him short (no pun intended :))
Rob was the Trainer when I did my first MME 3 years ago. It was his passion and enthusiasm that led me to Warrior camp where my life did indeed do a full 180 and made me desire a larger role in changing people’s lives.
Fast forward to TTT 2015 where again Rob was the trainer. It was there that I paid much closer attention to what he was doing, what he said and how he said it. It was there that my purpose was ignited. It was also there that Rob and I became friends and it is there that the largest impact has occurred. Not only has being part of the Next Steps programs allowed me to share the same stage as this man (a point that still blows me away) but his constant coaching and mentoring has made me better and better.
It was also through Rob that I have been able to meet so many amazing people one of whom has become a friend and future business partner. Through that association, I will become financially free and pursue a Trainer role.
Were it not for Rob, I don’t know where my life would be but I do know that it is so much better because he’s part of it.

Peter Leach

Fitness Expert, LBD Fitness Calgary

Since having had the privilege of learning from Robert Raymond Riopel while taking “Train the Trainer” in June 2015, I now have an expanded vision of myself. I now know that the knowledge and experience I have amassed over the last thirty plus years of my career in the shopping centre industry and retail leasing is an asset that I can use to train and teach to others. I am in the process of creating a training program and writing a book to help business owners and entrepreneurs choose a five star location for their business and negotiate their lease without being raped and pillaged, so to speak.
Robert’s commitment to helping me and his other students to get started has been extraordinary. He has even created a motivational app known as Amentora. Thanks Robert for helping me expand my vision of myself.

Kelly Laughton

Owner & Broker, Record Top Cats Realty Inc. Brokerage